Taft Recharge App Loot – Free Recharge App

Taft Recharge App Loot – Free Recharge App

Taft Recharge App Loot

Taft Recharge App Loot

You all have Tried Balboa, FreeCoin, Little Manias App, Now there is a new app in android market and its ” Taft Recharge App ” That is made on same concept as balboa And all Others app. TAFT Recharge App Also Gives Earning upto 7 levels and Right now You can recharge on all number including registered and unregistered both So Make account from any number and proceed for recharge. In TAFT  Recharge App App You can redeem your earned money as bank transfer also but we do not give guarantee for bank redemption as its not verified yet so Redeem the recharge as soon as possible.

Note :- Give TAFT Recharge 5 Star On play Store so That we all can get Our payments, and redeem your recharge amount as soon as possible. And this App Deserve to get 5 Star As well.

Update :-

  1. This App is Today 2nd June, Recharge Request Are instant, Working Fine.
  2. After Watching 7 Ads, Ads will be Disappeared For that Day, Next Day new Ads Will be loaded.
  3. Don’t Watch More Than 7 Ads Daily.
  4. Use Non Rooted Device.
  5. Per Ads you will earn 1.5 Rs which is highest

Taft Recharge App Loot Steps :-


1) Get TAFT Recharge App On Your Smart Phones :- DOWNLOAD

2) Open Taft App and click on Register.

3) Enter Referral Code :-

4) Enter your name, Mobile number, and Password As Well.

5)  Once Done Click On Back Button of your phone to reach On Home Page and Click on Ads and keep it open for 20 seconds [There are 3 Ads Showing. Click on 3 one by one, Then Repeat 4 Ads More, Max 7 Click a day]

Note :- Minimum gap of 1 minutes required between each click [Click 7 times only a day]

6) Per Ads click you will earn 1.5 Rs.

7) Once You click on Any Ads, Return to app after 20 Seconds and click on Menu and then click on My Earnings.

8) Go to recharge and Enter your number and operator and amount that you earned.

9) You will Get Recharge instantly And you Can see the status of app as well by click on history tab in recharge.

Note :- Best App Till Now, Paying Highest amount

TAFT Recharge App Loot :- Recharge Proof
Taft Recharge App Loot

Taft Recharge App Loot

How To Refer & Earn Taft Recharge App :-

  1. Your registered mobile number is your referral code.
  2. You will get earnings upto 7 level.


TAFT Recharge App Loot – Get Recharge For Ads Click – get free recharge for clicking on ads and get unlimited recharge for inviting friends on TAFT recharge app

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