Zeta Wallet Loot Get 20 Rs Unlimited – OVER NOW

Zeta Wallet Loot – Get 20 Rs Unlimited Times

Zeta Wallet Loot

Zeta Wallet Loot

We built Zeta to be the best one-stop payment solution around. Which means, with Zeta you can save taxes using Zeta Optima, pay at 3,00,000+ stores across India, recharge your mobile/data-card, transfer money to friends/family, send gift-cards, avail merchant offers and much more. It is the quickest and easiest way to carry out digital payments, with or without the Internet.

Zeta Wallet Loot Offer :- Now send 1 Rs to any Zeta user and get 20 Rs cashback Everytime, Everytime the user whom you are sending money should be a new user so Refer your friends to join Zeta wallet app and send them 1 rs and get 20 per transfer and once you send them the zeta money then again ask them to return money on your own number this way they will also get 20 in their account.

Zeta Wallet Loot Trick Steps To Follow >> 

Update : Zeta App Loot Is Over Now !!

  1. Download Zeta Wallet Loot App .
  2. Now open the App And Enter your mobile number.
  3. You will get a one time password on your mobile phone, Just enter it.
  4. Now you will be moved to Home screen.
  5. Now Share your mobile number in Comments Below || Our FB  ID || Via WhatsApp 7222837459 || Mail :- theonlinebabaji@gmail.com
  6. We will send you 1 rs zeta Cash.
  7. There would be a delay in  sending cash as we will be getting much response.
  8. Once you get it, Send 1 rs Back to 7222837459 to get 20 Rs free Zeta cash.
  9. Return on same number else you will not get 20 rs.
  10. To send money click on Search icon on home scree and Copy paste this number 7222837459
  11. Now send 1 rs, If you see failed Error then try for 3-4 times, It will get succeeded .
  12. Done !! Once you get 20 Start sending this to your friends and get 20 per new user.
  13. You can use zeta cash on any online translation via Zeta virtual card.


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