Get Jio Sim Officially Using My Jio App

Get Jio Sim Officially Using My Jio App 

Get Jio Sim Officially

Hello Folks !! We are getting many updates daily about the JIO sims and now we all know that we can get the sims for free as there are many FREE JIO SIM TRICKS to get the JIO SIMS FOR FREE by generating own imei and codes to get it. We will be updating the trick in next post if you guys are still now aware of it. Why we have not published it earlier on blog is because that free JIO SIM TRICK was not at all official and you may get into trouble if they start finding for bills and all, But as now its already out so we are updating the same in our blog also for the users who all are still unaware of that trick of getting FREE JIO SIMS that will provide you free internet for 3 months that too 4G and free calling, messaging to all over india as well. So just Read this “Get Jio Sim Officially ” completely and get the sims , Store owner may deny to provide you free sims, As they can ask you for phone bills, So lets try your luck once to Get Jio Sim Officially using My JIO app or via trick.

Get Jio Sim Officially Steps One by One :-

    1. First of all un install all the my jio apps.

  2. Now you will be able to see list of 10 apps given in main my jio app.
  3. Download all the 10 my jio apps one by one from my jio app.
  4. Once you will click on any app, you will be redirected to playstore and download from there.
  5. Once done from this, Close all the app and turn off you Data connection and wifi connection.
  6. Now Open My Jio app and you will be able to see “Get Jio Sim” Button.
  7. free jio sim trick
  8. Click on it and you will get network connection error.
  9. Now Turn on wifi and click on button.
  10. Congratulations !! you will either get the code directly Or you will get the procedure to follow to get the barcode.
  11. jio unlimited trick
  12. Show this barcode at any relaince digital store and get your sim.
  13. Reliance Digital Store owners can deny to give sims without Bill, As offer is for Samsung devices only, So they can ask for bill and all.
  14. jio sims for free
  15. So if you get the sim without any headache, Then you can use this offer for 3 month For free on your 4G devices.
  16. You can change Device IMEI to samsung IMEI using trick and then you can try this method to get the sim but its nonofficial.

Unofficial Trick to get the Reliance JIO Sim Via Rooted Device :-

  1. Requirements :- 4G Device With Root Access
  2. Download My JIO app and clear app data
  3. Now change IMEI of device  like this :- 35984506XXXXXXX
  4. Here change XXXXXXX with any 7 digits to generate your own IMEI on which JIO offer is applicable.
  5. Now Open My JIO app and generate the code with procedure given above.
  6. Go to Reliance Digital store with Aadhar card, Photos and show bar code to them given on Phone.
  7. Try your luck and get sim for free if you are lucky.
  8. Try Above FREE JIO SIM TRICK at your own risk, We have copied it and we are not responsible for any loss, We have already mentioned that its not official.

What to do After getting JIO SIM If you have Redmi 2 Prime Device [Personally Tried This]

  1. First of all call on 1800890177 from any mobile number except jio and activate data services on your jio sim by entering last 4 digit of ID which you submitted at jio digital express [Here we are assuming that you guys got JIO sim activation messgae on your alternative number]
  2. Now insert the JIO sim to first slot, you wont be able to see network in your jio sim so follow steps gives below to get signals.
  3. Now For Redmi 2 prime visit this link and download following ROM and MI tool.
    FASTBOOT ROM (1060 MB)
    Mi Flash Tool
  4. Once Downloaded Visit this full guide to install custom rom in your redmi 2 device :- FLASHING INSTRUCIONS
  5. Once all above process done you will be able to see network, If still if you are unable to do it then do this  :-
    Go to Settings >> About phone >> Tap 4-5 times on internal settings >> select sim card 1 >> and select LTE only
  6. Again go to setting >> click on first option of choosing sim cards and enable volte option.
  7. Click on airplane mode and click again you will be able to see signals.
  8. Now You will get inital 2 GB data.
  9. Download Latest MY JIO App using your jio net and then all apps given in my jio using JIO 4g net only.
  10. Now signup on latest my jio app using your jio mobile number and email id, set password in a way that you can type it fast because its needed in further steps.
  11. Now uninstall latest version of MY JIO and Download MY JIO 3.2.05 APK from here
  12. Turn off wifi and mobile data and restart your phone.
  13. Once device is on copy your MY jio Email id which you used for signup in step 10
  14. keep the net turned off and open my jio app and you will be able to see get my jio option , Click 2 times on it , and keep the net turn off.
  15. Now main step and fast step, else you will see an error.
  16. Come back to my jio and turn on net and complete next step task in max 5-10 second.
  17. turn On JIO net, Click on  sign in, Paste your jio mail id, Type password as soon as possible and click on sign in.
  18. If you do it bit late then try again by restarting device.
  19. If you do it properly then you will be able to see unlimited banner, means unlimited data services has been activated on your device.
  20. Now to start voice call unlimited service, Open join jio app, provide all access if asked, call on 1977 from your jio sim and enter last 4 digit of ID card you submitted [call from join jio keyboard only]
  21. your free unlimited voice services will be started in 1-2 hours, and you get a confirmation message.
  22. DONE !!!!
What To Do After Getting FREE JIO SIM BY TRICK
  1. After you grab sim, wait for sms: Your phone is ready for televerification. It will come by at best 48 hours.
  2. To activate the Jio unlimited offer you need to install JioPlay, JioOnDemand , Jio Beats and JioMoney apps. (Download using Jio Net only)
  3. Steps to be followed
  4. log on to the My Jio App using your Jio connection and click on the Avail Offer.
  5. Click on Install and Activate to install all four apps and click on Submit to start enjoying unlimited benefits.
  6. So before signup to the My jio app
  7. Uninstall these 4 apps and clear the data of My Jio app.
  8. Credits For this Information :- Abhishek Tiwari

What is the solution if JIO Unlimited Data Gets exhausted ?

Most Preferable Solution is to talk to JIO customer support on 198 Or simply try above steps and download the apps via wifi.

Which devices supports the VoLTE for Reliance Jio 4G?

SamsungGalaxy Note Edge

SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge Plus

SamsungGalaxy Note Edge

SamsungGalaxy Core Prime 4G

SamsungGalaxy Note 4

SamsungGalaxy Note 5

SamsungGalaxy A5

SamsungGalaxy A7

SamsungGalaxy A8

SamsungGalaxy S6

SamsungGalaxy A7 (A710FD)

SamsungS7 Edge

SamsungA8 VE

SamsungGalaxy J5

SamsungGalaxy J2

SamsungGalaxy J7

SamsungGalaxy On5

SamsungSamsung On7

SonyXperia Z5 Dual

SonyXperia Z5 Premium Dual

LGSpirit 4G

LGGoogle Nexus 5x

LGG4 Stylus 4G


ZTEBlade S6

ZTEBlade S6 Plus

LenovoVibe Shot

LenovoA6000 Plus

IntexAqua Ace Mini

Intex Aqua 4G Strong

IntexAqua 4G



MotorolaMoto G (3rd Gen)

MotorolaMoto E 2nd Gen

MotorolaMoto E 2nd

MotorolaG Turbo

MicromaxYu Yunique

MicromaxYu Yuphoria

MicromaxCanvas Sliver 5 (Q450)

MicromaxCanvas Amaze (Q491)


XiaomiRedmi Note 3 (H3A)



BlackBerryPriv (STV100-3)




LenovoVibe Shot



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