WhatsApp Group invitation Link Full Guide

WhatsApp Group invitation Link Full Guide

WhatsApp Group invitation Link

WhatsApp Group invitation Link

Hello Buddies !! We are back again with a new trick by which you can create WhatsApp Group invitation Link, by which anyone can join your whstsapp group without the need of whatsapp group admin. You all might have noticed that some people are sharing group links from last few days, By which you can get entry to any group with a click, When you are clicking on those links, you will get direct entry to whstapp groups without need of admin, So its a best app to create group link of you whatsapp group if you want to add people to your whstsapp group without a headache.

Generally people use to circulate there number , or they ask for other people number , then they save that particular number and they add people to the group one by one, but with the help of WhatsApp Group invitation Link they can directly share the link of whstsapp group and when someone clicks on the group and when they open it with whstapp, not browser, they will be automatically added to that particular whstsapp group without admins approval.

WhatsApp Group invitation Link Steps To Follow :-

    1. Download WA Prime app on your smartphone.

  1. Now before installing WA Prime app delete the old whatsapp account.
  2. Now Install WA Prime whatsapp apk and Do OTP verification.
  3. Now open the group, For which you want to create a invitation link.
  4. Now Open that group, Click on group info, Now click on add member, and then you will be able to see WhatsApp Group invitation Link.
  5. just Click on invite group via link and copy your invitation link of group.
  6. Now share the group link in your network, when some one click on link and they opens it with whstsapp , they will automatically get added to group.
  7. Remember :- Click on Link and open it with whstsapp only, Else It wont work.

WhatsApp Group invitation Link Terms & Conditions :- 

  1. Group Link usually looks like this :- https://chat.whatsapp.com/XXXXXXXXXX
  2. Open link with whatsapp only, Else it wont work.
  3. Do not share group links openly, You might go in trouble, as any ripper can get entry to your group without your permission being a admin.


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