Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads Without Root

Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads Without Root

Hello OnlineBaBaJi Visitors  !! We are back again with some cool tutorial that with make you happy because we gonna teach you ” Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads ” . First of all many of you can be confused about the term “Chat Heads”. So firstly i will Start my Tutorial with the explanation of chat heads. If you are using a Facebook messenger app , Then you must be getting messages via chat heads, like whenever your facebook friends sends you a message, you get a chat notification with a chat head, that is actually chat head and this feature is currently available on facebook messenger app only, And we all love it because we don’t need to open the app again and again for checking new messages and we directly open the chat head for that particular app directly, But the question is “how to Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads ” . Yes, this feature is not present in whatsapp app officialy but we have found a way to Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads in your device. And one of the best part about this tutorial is that we dont need to Root your android device for this tutorial.

Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads

Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads

Advantages of Activating Whatsapp Chat Heads :-

  1. You Don’t need to unlock your android device to read the whatsapp messages, You can directly read the messages while your device is locked.
  2. You Can read the chat directly via WhatsApp Chat Heads, you dont need to open the app, in this way even if you read the messages, this way you can indirectly hide your last seen from your friends.
  3. One and most important part of this tutorial is that, you do not need any king of root access for this app, so even if your device is not rooted, you can enjoy this feature 🙂

Disadvantages of Activating Whatsapp Chat Heads :-

  1. The app which is required to Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads  Requires android version to be atleast 4.0 OR more, So if you are using a lower version , the  you can’t use this app.
  2. You can only read the messages of your friends using this feature, you can’t reply directly using this method.

This method requires android version to be 4.0 or More && You should have installed official whatsapp app, not any whatsapp+ or anything else.

How To Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads :- 

  1. Get DashDow Whatsapp App from playstore :- DOWNLOAD
  2. Open the App.
  3. When you will open the app you will get a notification as “Enable dashdow for Whatsapp” , Dont worry and click on “OK”
  4. 12895319_1051215488271467_482974885_n
  5. After That Click On Notification Access And From There Tick a Mark On Dashdow For Whatsapp.
  6. 12939323_1051215538271462_1602821642_n
  7. Done !! Now you will get all the Chat heads in this way


Activate WhatsApp Chat Heads Without Root- activate chat heads in whatsapp like you do in facebook messenger app, which is not possible in whatsapp directly

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