Modify WhatsApp Chat – WhatsHack Prank

Modify WhatsApp Chat – WhatsHack Prank

How To Modify WhatsApp Chat :- Hey Guys !! This time we are back again with some cool tricks by which you can play a prank with your friends easily and they will get no idea that how you did that. Now you can Modify WhatsApp Chat, Yes like if you sent some message to your your friends, and they replied to you, and now you modified yours messages and sent them a screenshots like if you ask your friends about something and they yes and you modify your question with Do you love me  they then just take a screenshot of this and send them that they just agreed, whatever you said just now 😀

Well If you are thinking that this Tutorial will modify the Chat on your friends mobile then  a BIG NO , As whatsapp Runs on its own server and all the chats and messages are uploaded on their server which cant be modified by any means, Still if you want to change this Whatsapp messages at your friends phone then you need to install the similar app which we gonna use in our tutorial and this way you can prank your friends by modifying whatsapp chats.

In Today’s world whatsapp is the main source of communication all around the world as it supports all the platforms like Java, iphone, Symbian, android, windows etc and billions of people using it every second and if you can edit your whatsapp sent messages then you gonna behave like a Dude in front of your friends So we bring this Tutorial for you all and by modifying whatsapp messages you can play some prank with your buddies.

Tool used to Modify WhatsApp Chat :-

WhatsHack is the Tool that Is Used to Modify whatsapp chat at your end, and as we already told that if you want to make same changes on your friends mobile , then they should also have this Whatsahack app installed in their mobiles and this way you have to make changes to their whatsapp history Manually.

Modify WhatsApp Chat

Modify WhatsApp Chat

Advantages Of Using WhatsHack Apk :-

  1. You can modify whatsapp chat.
  2. You can even change timing of your messages.

Disadvantages of Using WhatsHack Apk :-

  1. App is working fine on my device, but sometimes its hanging on some devices.
  2. Sometimes WhatsHack may Crash.
  3. Root Access Is needed.

Steps To Follow For “How To Modify WhatsApp Chat” Tutorial :-

    1. Get the WhatsHack Apk which is Used To Modify WhatsApp Chat : DOWNLOAD [Click on Download Button to Get the APK]
    2. 12899702_1047500928642923_1276799884_n
    3. If you want to take the Backup of your current chat then  go to WhatsApp Settings >> Chat and calls > Chat backup and take backup of your chat.

  1. Now Open the WhatsHack Application and Click on  “Press Here”
  2. 12910283_1047500578642958_1565331945_n
  3. WhatsHack Application will be started.
  4. 12935244_1047500551976294_653412827_n
  5. This WhatsHack app will now ask for “Root Grant” , Simply Grant it else app won’t work.
  6. 12921045_1047500688642947_2053241220_n
  7. Now you will be able to See All whatsapp Chats Without opening Whatsapp Application.
  8. 12921115_1047500658642950_702650824_n
  9. Now Open the Chat , which you want to modify.
  10. Now Click on message which you want to modify.
  11. 12895407_1047500645309618_393476313_n
  12. Now Modify the chat in your way.
  13. You can Even Change the Time of the messages.
  14. 12900011_1047500591976290_1436822512_n
  15. I have Changes Testing Text To Testing Done !! Check Below SS.
  16. 12910151_1047500545309628_1108923006_n

Highlights Of This Article :-

You can make the changes at your level, Not to friends whatsapp Screen, You can send them Screenshots of Modified chat and play prank with Them !! If you appreciate Our work Then Share this Blog With your friends and Keep Visiting Us 🙂


Modify WhatsApp Chat – WhatsHack Prank – now play a whatsapp prank with your friends by modifying the whatsapp chat and send them screenshots 

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