Root Android Phone Easily In 5 Minutes

Root Android Phone Easily In 5 Minutes

Root Android Phone

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How To Root Android Phone

How To Root Android Phone

So guys I’m back again with a wonderful Tutorial about Rooting your android device. We Will Be teaching You How To Root Android Phone. Many People are Confused that How To Root Android Phone And What Actually Root Is, What Happens If we root Our Device, Is Rooting Illegal, Will they Loose Warranty Of the phone, What advantage they will get after rooting their android phone, why rooted phone is much better then a unrooted device, We @onlinebabaji Are ready to help you all under this How To Root Android Phone Tutorial, where everyone including a new user of android can learn about process of rooting and he/she can actually get the idea that what actually rooting Is. So Guys !! Read the complete Tutorial How To Root Android Phone And Enjoy.

We Will Be covering All the points about Rooting And complete Tutorial as Well As Various Methods That are used for rooting your Phone in this  “How To Root Android Phone” Tutorial.


What Is Root :- [How To Root Android Phone]

As you all you now root is required to get control over your android device, But rooting your phone can void warranty of your phone. There are many method to unroot your android phone as well, we will try to list all those methods as well In this How To Root Android Phone Tutorial.

So Basically When you buy a new android phone, You get some pre-installed apps, And its very general thing that there are many apps that you dont like, and you dont have choice as all the apps are pre-installed in your android phone. But if you root your phone with help of our How To Root Android Phone tutorial, you will be able to Remove all those pre installed apps as root unlocks you phone.

Rooting Is very much Required in some phone like i had a android device “micromax a120” in which 1 GB was internal memory and available memory was only about 300 MB which was very less, as pre installed apps taken all the free space, later i rooted my android phone with our How To Root Android Phone tutorial and right now i have 700 MB free space as i uninstalled all pre installed apps.

Main Reason behind Rooting is for changing default values of mobile phone like IMEI for various apps, Its Illegal, So Do at your own Risk, As This How To Root Android Phone tutorial is for Educational Purpose Only.


Advantage Of Rooting Android Phone :-

So We are Listing some Advantage of rooting your device that you can learn from our How To Root Android Phone tutorial.

  1. To Get More Internal Storage Space :- As we already told you, You can Un-install pre installed apps and get more memory in internal storage by “How To Root Android Phone” Tutorial.
  2. Increased Performance Of android Device :- Performance of android will definitely Increase after rooting your device as you are the admin of you phone, ans you can manage it in your way.
  3. Increase in Phone’s Battery Life.
  4. upgrade Android Version :- you can upgrade your phone android version by this, Which is not possible in Non rooted Phone, You can install custom Rom in your phone once it rooted so How To Root Android Phone tutorial is very Beneficial for you all.
  5. Play with Apps in Your own Way :- This Is the best Part In How To Root Android Phone tutorial. You will learn How to play with Apps, You can change Its values, You can Earn from It, We will tell you everything in our daily post on

Disadvantage Of Rooting Phone :-

As we all know, If there is a good thing, something Bad Does Exists. When you Root your android phone from Our How To Root Android Phone tutorial . We are Listing All the possible Disadvantage to rooting your android phone. Please Read Carefully.

  1. Rooting Is Illegal :- Yes Rooting your phone is not Legal and Our Tutorial “How To Root Android Phone” Is For Educational Purpose Only. Warranty of your phone will be void after rooting your phone, and yes you can unroot your device again, but however company will company will get to know about the fact while testing.
  2. Android Phone Might Get Bricked :- While Rooting your device your android phone might get bricked, and you will not be able to do anything  in your phone, it may not turned on, or welcome screen may never come, In that Situation You have to Install custom rom, that are available on Google For Every phone, and complete tutorial is also given, and PC is required to install that, So if you have little knowledge, You can do that.
  3. No OTA Update :- You will never ever will be able to get OTA updates if you root your device, Company do not provide Any updates to Rooted device, But no worries, You can get all the latest feature via custom Rom’s.
  4. Data Loss :- While Rooting all the data of the phone like contacts, messages, and other stuff will be Deleted, So we advice you to take all the backup before rooting and save it in any memory card or on google drive. We will tell you how to take full backup of your device in Root Android Phone tutorial.
  5. Some Apps may not Work :- Some apps does not run on rooted devices, Like Goggle wallet app, But again we will tell you the way to make fool these apps and hide root from this kinds of Apps in this Root Android Phone Tutorial. However some apps still don’t run.

Things Need To Be Done Before Rooting Android Phone :-

So We Hope You are reading The article fully Till Now Because Its Very Much Required if you are rooting you device for the first time, Because no knowledge in better then half knowledge and you may Face Difficulty in Future, So Now Read Further this How To Root Android Phone Article and Now we are telling some Points to be done before Rotting, So lets Proceed to main part of How To Root Android Phone Tutorial.

  1. Charge You android phone fully to, minimum battery level which is required while rooting is 80%. Let us tell you the reason behind it. Rooting can be done in within 5 minutes also, but if something went wrong. it may take time so charge your phone fully.
  2. We are Going to tell the rooting process in which pc or laptop is not required, and you can root your device via apps, so proper permission should be granted. So go to Settings >> Security >> Tick On Unknown Sources.
  3. Backup :- Again we cleared the importance of this point earlier in this How To Root Android Phone article, As we will loose our data while rooting, So take complete backup of your android phone, We gonna tell the process in this How To Root Android Phone tutorial.
  4. Download Stock Rom of your device, As we told earlier that your device may brick, in that case you have to install the stock rom, which are available on Google, so just go to google and download stock rom of your device, and complete tutorial for every device is also available on google, you may require it, so be ready & enjoy this tutorial How To Root Android Phone.

How To Take Backup Before Rooting Android Phone :-

There are 2 two awesome apps are available on playstore to take all the backup completely, And these apps are very much required, as you gonna loose all the data in rooting, We have given the process to take the backup in this How To Root Android Phone tutorial.

A) How To Take Backup Of Apps installed On Your android phone.

  1. Get The App “App Backup & Restore” :- DOWNLOAD
  2. Open the app.
  3. you will get the complete list of Apps installed on your phone.
  4. Tick on the apps, which you want for future use, and click on backup.
  5. App Backup & Restore

    App Backup & Restore

  6. Congratulations !! You have backed up the apps installed on your phone in your memory card.
  7. Read How To Root Android Phone tutorial further to learn how to take back of Contacts & Messages.

B) How to take backup of Contacts & Messages :-

  1. Get super Backup App. DOWNLOAD
  2. Open the app.
  3. Click on Backup.
  4. super Backup App.

    super Backup App.

  5. Take One by one backup of messages and contacts.
  6. You can send the backup to your mail id as well.
  7. Congratulations !! You learned to take backup of messages and contact via our Tutorial How To Root Android Phone.

Top Apps Used For Rooting Android Phones :-

We have Talked about all the thing that are directly or indirectly related to Rooting and now we are giving to some list of apps that are used in rooting android phone in How To Root Android Phone tutorial. We are going to tell about 8 Apps, You can Try with more than one method, if one App doesn’t root your device from our How To Root Android Phone article.



  1. Kingroot App.
  2. FarmaRoo App.
  3. vRoot App.
  4. Z4Root App.
  5. CF Auto Root App.
  6. Towel Root App.
  7. Kingo Root App.
  8. I Root App.

How To Root Android Phone With Kingroot App

1) Download Latest Version Of “KingRoot.” apk . [Download]

** On Above Site You will Find The Latest Version Of KingRoot App, So Simply Click On That Version And You Will be Redirected To Download Page.

2) After downloading It, install the App.

3) Once Installed, You will be able to See the The Following “Icon” In your phone.


4) Now Click On  “KingoRoot” Then you will see the following Screen.


5) Click On “Start Root”


6) Now Process Will be Started. Like This.


7) Now You will see a Big Green Tick, it means your Device is Rooted. [If not, Then I’m Sorry]


8) This Method Works On Most Of Android Phones, and the Easiest one In How to Root android Phone Tutorial.

How To Root Android Phone With Farma Root App

So You tried Kingtroot App under our How To Root Android Phone tutorial, and not got success ?? Dont worry we have a another option for you under this tutorial How To Root Android Phone. You can use farma root app to root your phone in a single click. We already mentioned that we gonna tell you about various rooting apps that help you to root your device and you can root your device easily by alternative method. so enjoy our How To Root Android Phone tutorial.

  1. Get The list Of Phone Supported by App, And Get Farma root app software as well. Click Here
  2. Opee the farma root app.
  3. Select the Exploit that your phone support, Else Try all one by one.
  4. Once Done With steps, click on root.
  5. If you get a pop up like this Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot”, then uninstall the app and try other methods.
  6. Wait and you will get Success message.
  7. farma root app

    farma root app

How To Root Android Phone With vRoot App

If you are still not getting success in rooting your android device then you must try Vroot app to root your android phone , This app roots specially Chinese phones and other phones as well, And its one of the best app, So we have listed this app in our  How To Root Android Phone Tutorial. Rooting android phone is a learning activity, so keep learning with out How To Root Android Phone tutorial.

  1. Get the list of devices that are supported by vRoot app. Click Here
  2. Get Latest Version of Vroot App : Click Here
  3. Launch the application and Click On Root and wait For Root process to be done.
  4. PC Video Tutorial : Click Here For Youtube

How To Root Android Phone With Z4Root App

Still Not Able to Root your Android Phone ? Come On !! Dont worry !! We have another option for you all under this How To Root Android Phone tutorial. You can root your phone using Z4Root App As well. This is one of the oldest and most popular app for rooting android phone and it roots a phone in some seconds. There are two option in z4root app. One is temporally root and other one is permanent root. We recommend you all to go for permanent root as its best and has all the feature.

  1. Get z4Root app. DOWNLOAD
  2. You will see 2 options, Click on Permanent Root !!
  3. z4root app

    z4root app

  4. Sit Back and wait for root to be done !!
  5. Enjoy How To Root Android Phone tutorial.

How To Root Android Phone With CF AUTO Root App

We have Got many messages and request for samsung mobile many times. Samsung devices are the one that hardly roots or creates problem in rooting. But we gonna present a rooting app called as CF Root App that specially designed for Samsung Mobile rooting. There is huge list of samsung device along with download link of apk required for rooting that specific android samsung phone, so root your samsung device also with our How To Root Android Phone tutorial.

  1. Get the CF Auto Root : DOWNLOAD
  2. cf auto root

    cf auto root

How To Root Android Phone With Towel Root App

Guys How To Root Android Phone tutorial list is not completed yet. One more application called as towel root app very popular now a days. This app is made specially to root android version 4.4.2 and we tested it and its working fine on samsung device as well. This App if one of the famous and most popular app, so use the app and enjoy How To Root Android Phone Tutorial.

  1. Get TowelRoot App : Downlaod
  2. Open the App.
  3. You will see a option : Make It Ra1n.
  4. Click On it.
  5. Wait for rooting to be done 🙂
  6. towel root app

    towel root app

How To Root Android Phone With I Root App

vRoot Is now I Root So tutorial is same as above 🙂 Enjoy How To Root Android Phone Tutorial.

How To Install Xposed App:-

So You all have Rooted your Device with the help of our How To Root Android Phone Tutorial. Now Main Part Is Xposed Installer. Xposed installer is the best weapon to That is required after rooting the device and it is must. You can Customize you phone at system level with the help of Xposed Installer. If Xposed Installer is not installed in rooted device then many apps like imei changer and all will not work, as module are to be activated in xposed. Using Xposed Installer app, you can install this framework and use it to customize your phone. However, for using it, you will have to install some “modules”. These modules are nothing but normal apps which can be used to make changes to your system. For example, a module named “Statusbar changer” can be used to customize your status bar, or one named “Font changer” can be used to change your fonts.

1) Now to Grant root permission to any app OR doing anything to get control over your device you have to download”Xposed Installer Apk”  || FOR Kitkat Version And Lower || For Lolipop Version & Above

2) Install and launch the app, go to the section named ‘Framework’ and click on ‘Install/Update”

3)  It will ask you to reboot your phone. Just press that reboot button and you have successfully installed the framework!


How To Install SuperSu :-

This is one of the most important part in How To Root Android Phone tutorial. First of all let me tell you what is superSu. some Apps Requires SuperSu Package to be installed in your rooted device to grant Super permission, But some rooting apps like kingroot we told you in our How To Root Android Phone tutorial install its own package named as “KingUser” which does not work many time, At that time we Require supersu, So We gonna teach you how to Do it. Enjoy our How To Root Android Phone Tutorial.

1) Downlod SuperSu-Me Application First on your Android Device From Here. DOWNLOAD

2) Now install it, Then you will see the following Icon.


3) Click on SuperSu Me Icon, Once installation Complete it will ask you for Root Permission.

4) Click on Allow Button.


5) Once It all done, You will see the following Screen.


6) Now Click on “Blue Android Button“,It will start replacing, and can take upto 1 minute to Complete.

7) Once Replacing Completes, It will be launched Automatically.


8) Now you will see that Kingroot, Kinguser Is Deleted and SuperSu is installed.


Resources Needed After Rooting:-

So At Time We are Thinking that you have rooted your android phone successfully via How To Root Android Phone tutorial. If Still not.. you can comment down below !! now what you have learned so far from our How To Root Android Phone tutorial was about rooting. now How To Root Android Phone comes to what after root ? Like how to change IMEI, Android ID or anything. Again we Gonna ive resources In this How To Root Android Phone tutorial.

Phone ID Changer :-  Required to change Default Device values like IMEI, Android ID ETC.

  1. Get Phone ID Changer Software : DOWNLOAD
  2. Install It and Go to Xposed Installer.
  3. Click On Module.
  4. Tick On Device Id changer.
  5. Restart The Phone.
  6. Now Open Device Id Changer Software.
  7. Click On Random All.
  8. Restart Your Device.
  9. Bingo!! All Device Value Changed in a single shot like IMEI, MAC Address, Android ID, Advertising ID ETC.

Hide My Root App :- Required To Hide Root Status From the Various Apps.

  1. Install Root Clock Plus App : DOWNLOAD
  2. Install Hide My Root App : DOWNLOAD
  3. Go To Xposed and Click on module and tick all and restart the Device.
  4. Now for Example You want to hide root status for app onlinebabaji.
  5. Open the Root clock Plus app and click Add/Removie Apps
  6. Then Click on +Sign.
  7. Find OnlineBaBaJi App and click in it.
  8. Now open Hide my root app.
  9. Finally Click on Hide Su Binary.
  10. Done !! Onlinebabaji app will no longer be able to get a idea that your device is rooted.

Xprivacy Installer :- To Change Default Values for a particular app Without Restart.

  1. Get the Xprivvacy app : DOWNLOA
  2. Go To Xposed and Click on module and tick all and restart the Device.
  3. Open Xposed Installer and For example you want to change values for onlinebabaji app.
  4. Click on It.
  5. Now click on Following Points :- Identification, Phone, Shell (Su & SH), System (Get Installed Packages)
  6. 11
  7. 22


8) Now click On 3 Bars on Upper right corner and click on randomize now & then save from top.


9) Bingo !! You Have Successfully changed all the values like imei and all for onlinebabaji app.

10) Now every-time just click on randomize and go … no need to restart device again and again.

How To unroot your Android Phone :-

So I Think you all are happy with Root Android Phone Tutorial. Please recommend us to your friends and we will keep working on your Query. Now its time to tell you about unrooting android phone which sometimes may require. Its Very Easy process. If you are thinking that removing rooting app OR Hard reset will make your device unrooted again, no, this cant happen. so follow steps given below.

  1. Open Super Su App.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click On Full unroot.
  4. kdfjdk
  5. Done !!


Root Android phone Easily in Just 5 minutes. Latest mobile root complete tutorial. 2016 updated method to root any mobile in few steps without pc


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