Rooted Android Tools – Complete Guide

Rooted Android Tools – Complete Guide

Hello OnlineBaBaJi Visitors !! Today we are going to tell you about Rooted Android Tools that are used in general purpose for changing Imei, Changer Android Id and changing and Advertising Id and all, and few more things like how to use these tools. If you have a rooted device and still you are finding a unlimited trick for any application then you are at right place. You can check your OWN application via this tutorial if you are a developer and you can make your app more protective, As the tools we are going to use are generally used. This Tutorial will answer all your Queries like how to change Imei, How to hide root Etc

Rooted Android Tools

Rooted Android Tools

This Tutorial is for Educational purpose only !! We are not responsible if you are using the tutorial for any illegal purpose, you are responsible for any future loss if you are misusing this Guide.

Popular Rooted Android Tools :-

  1. Phone Id Changer
  2. Xprivacy
  3. Root Clock +
  4. Hide My Root
  5. Device Faker
  6. Textra
  7. Fake Text Message App
  8. Device Emulator

Note :- We are going To take an example of our own app “onlinebabaji” and we will be telling you various things that can be done !!

Important :- Your Device Should be rooted for using any software given below and Xposed should be properly installed on your device. Else any application wont work at all, Whenever you install any app given below, make sure to check Xposed >> Module, and Tick mark, if its not done for any app.

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A)  Phone ID Changer :-  Required to change Default Device values like IMEI, Android ID, Android advertising Id, and few more things with the help of a single software, you don’t need separate software for anything..

      1. Get Phone ID Changer Software : DOWNLOAD
      2. Install It and Go to Xposed Installer.
      3. Click On Module.
      4. Tick On Device Id changer.
      5. Restart The Phone.
      6. Now Open Device Id Changer Software.
      7. Click On Random All.
      8. Restart Your Device.
      9. Bingo!! All Device Value Changed in a single shot like IMEI, MAC Address, Android ID, Advertising ID ETC.

B)  Hide My Root App :- Required To Hide Root Status From the Various Apps.

      1. Install Root Clock Plus App : DOWNLOAD
      2. Install Hide My Root App : DOWNLOAD
      3. Go To Xposed and Click on module and tick all and restart the Device.
      4. Now for Example You want to hide root status for app onlinebabaji.
      5. Open the Root clock Plus app and click Add/Removie Apps
      6. Then Click on +Sign.
      7. Find OnlineBaBaJi App and click in it.
      8. Now open Hide my root app.
      9. Finally Click on Hide Su Binary.
      10. Done !! Onlinebabaji app will no longer be able to get a idea that your device is rooted.

C)  Xprivacy Installer :- To Change Default Values for a particular app Without Restart.

      1. Get the Xprivvacy app : DOWNLOA
      2. Go To Xposed and Click on module and tick all and restart the Device.
      3. Open Xposed Installer and For example you want to change values for onlinebabaji app.
      4. Click on It.
      5. Now click on Following Points :- Identification, Phone, Shell (Su & SH), System (Get Installed Packages)
      6. 11
      7. 22

8) Now click On 3 Bars on Upper right corner and click on randomize now & then save from top.


9) Bingo !! You Have Successfully changed all the values like imei and all for onlinebabaji app.

10) Now every-time just click on randomize and go … no need to restart device again and again.

D) Device Faker :- Used to Change your device to make it appear to be a different device so that another app will see your phone as some other model, Like you can make your micromax device appear to be a samsung device .

  1. Get the Device Faker App :- DOWNLOAD
  2. Open the App.
  3. Now there is a second option to “Select a device”
  4. Select any device like samsung or any other model you want.
  5. Finally click On apply, and restart your device.
  6. Go to settings and check your Device info 😀
  7. Congratulations !! your device model has been changed.
  8. You can Apply original device settings by clicking on “Restore original info” button in device faker app.

Note :- Your device may brick during this process, So keep your backup ready if anything goes wrong.

E) Fake Text And Textra App :- Some Applications Required To verify OTP automatically and you cant insert insert the sim in rooted device again and again, In that case you can use this tutorial that will bypass automatic otp verification.

Follow This Link to Bypass Automatic OTP Bypass Trick : Click Here

F) Device Emulator :- Some apps fetch your playstore gmail id automatically, But you can change this automatic process with a random gmail id, and this software Used to change Random gamil ids for any app, Means it will attach any random email id to any app, automatically in a way that, app wont know the actual email id.

  1. Get Device Emulator App : DOWNLOAD
  2. Find Email option in this app to change default email id.

More Apps Will be Listed Here Soon




Rooted Android Tools – Complete Guide – complete guide to teach about android rooted android tools, that are very useful to loot any app and checking app


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